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I'm trying to sync my password and it isn't working

This is probably because you're trying to set your SASSIE password to be the same as your JobSlinger Plus password.  SASS-Sync doesn't permit this for security reasons,  to prevent someone who guesses the password to one of your SASSIE accounts from logging into your JobSlinger Plus account, and then using SASS-Master to get at ALL your SASSIE accounts. So, we don't allow you to use SASS-Sync to set them all to the same password as your JobSlinger Plus password, and if your SASSIE account passwords are already the same as the password that you chose for JobSlinger Plus, we strongly recommend that you choose a different password. We won't force you to do so, however -- so if you don't want to change your SASSIE account passwords, you can just uncheck the Password box before you do the SASS-Sync. This is the only way that you can have the same password on all your SASSIE accounts and on JobSlinger Plus, and still use SASS-Sync -- basically, by syncing everything but the password.

You can also change your JobSlinger Plus password and leave your SASSIE passwords as they are.  That way, your JobSlinger Plus password would be different and all your SASSIE passwords can remain the same.

How do I change my password?

Finally, you can also set all your SASSIE account passwords to something different than it is now -- and if you ever forget what that password is, you can always change it again using SASS-Sync, OR access those accounts through the links in SASS-Master (Log, Profile, Board, Apps, Status, ESP).

The important thing to remember is that once your SASSIE accounts are connected to JobSlinger Plus, as long as you can get into JobSlinger Plus, you can always get into your SASSIE accounts. You can reset the passwords through SASS-Sync, or you can access them directly through SASS-Master -- you don't need to go to your SASSIE accounts and log on to them separately..

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