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I'm having problems with SASS-Sync

Here are some tips to help you sync successfully:

  • SASS-Sync can't sync settings that you haven't entered on your profile. Any such settings will not have a checkbox, but instead will say "Add to My Profile".
  • You don't have to sync all the settings if you don't want to. Just check the ones that you want to sync.
  • There are two settings at the bottom of the SASS-Sync page -- Get Shop Offer Emails and Accept Paypal -- that require you to not only check the checkbox, but also choose one of the Yes/No settings. If you don't, you will get an error message. If you do want to sync these settings, remember that you need to select Yes or No -- otherwise, there's no setting to sync, and the sync will fail.
  • If you have ten or fewer connected SASSIE accounts, the sync will happen while you wait. If you have more than ten connected accounts, the sync is scheduled and will probably take a few minutes to complete. You will receive an email address with sync results when it is done.
  • To see the results of a sync, go to the SASS-Master page (Tools -> SASS-Master). Each connected SASSIE account has a Last Sync date -- if all you see is dashes, this account has never been synced. Clicking on the date displays the result of the last sync.
  • When looking at your sync results, you may see some some informational messages about some settings that can't be synced (usually this message is "Unrecognized value"). Sometimes a SASSIE company may have more limited options on their profile than we do in the JobSlinger Plus profile -- so (for example) a company might have for Educational Level just the options High School, College and Graduate School. If you had selected "Some college" in your JobSlinger Plus profile, you would get an error message when syncing -- but it would only mean that THIS setting for THIS company wasn't synced. All other settings for this company, and all settings for other companies, would have been synced.
  • There is one restriction on the password sync: we don't allow you sync your SASSIE account passwords to be the same as your JobSlinger Plus password. This is for security reasons, to prevent someone who guesses the password to one of your SASSIE accounts from logging into your JobSlinger Plus account, and then using SASS-Master to get at ALL your SASSIE accounts. If SASS-Sync detects that the password is the same, it will not sync your password. You can either choose a different password, or just uncheck the Password box before you do the SASS-Sync.

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