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What do these search results mean?

The search results give you the following information:

  • Job title. If you're logged in, hovering your cursor over the title gives a short description of the job.  If, instead of a city name, you see "10 locations" (or something like that), it means that the same job is available in several locations.  Click on the "10 locations" (or whatever) to see the individual locations. 
  • Distance from your starting search location and city name.
  • Company that posted the job.
  • Posted date.  The most recently posted jobs are at the top.
  • Pay.  If the pay has an asterisk, mouse over it to see the additional expense amount.
  • Due date.
  • Apply.  Click this button to go to the shop and apply.  If there is a star on the Apply button, this is a GUARANTEED LIVE shop.

You can click the “sort by” drop-down to sort results by newest, pay (highest first), distance (closest first) or due date (soonest first).

How do I apply for a job?

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