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I'm getting an IC Pro error that says "No match found for <my name>. Check your SASSIE accounts for the name that your tax ID is verified under, and enter the correct name here."

This message means that the legal name you entered on the IC Pro page does not have an entry in our database of verified tax IDs. This database comes from SASSIE companies that perform tax ID verification. There are several possible reasons for this error message:

  1. Your legal name on the IC Pro page has a typo.  This is the most common problem.  Please make sure that your legal name is an EXACT match of the legal name under which your tax ID is verified on SASSIE.  Any difference, including extra spaces anywhere in your name, will cause the match to fail.
  2. You never verified your tax ID on SASSIE.  All SASSIE companies ask you for your tax ID -- they need it in order to pay you -- but not every SASSIE company actually verifies your tax ID with the IRS.  If the company verifies SSNs, you can see your SSN verification status on your SASSIE profile -- look for the section titled SSN / Tax ID (EIN). Underneath this header, you will see your Legal Name, Legal ID and Verification Status. Unless you have verified your tax ID through SASSIE (not just entered it), it won't be in the database and you will not be able to verify your tax ID in IC Pro.
  3. You verified your tax ID under a different name. The name that you entered as your Legal Name on the IC Pro page must be an exact match of the Legal Name in the SSN/Tax ID section of your SASSIE profile    

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