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Why were my SASSIE shop offer emails turned off?

SASSIE shop offers are not sent by JobSlinger.  JobSlinger does not turn off SASSIE shop offer emails.

Now that we've said that, here's an explanation of what's going on.

Sometimes SASSIE shop offer emails can't get through to you, for one reason or another.  If this happens, SASSIE may have to stop sending you these emails.  Two things can cause your SASSIE shop offer emails to get shut off:

  1. Too many bounce-backs: if your mailbox rejects SASSIE emails too many times in a  row over too many days, SASSIE stops sending email to your address.  
  2. Your email provider sends SASSIE a demand to stop sending you email.  This happens if your email provider mistakenly decides that these emails are spam (even though you asked for them).

When these situations happen, SASSIE lets some time pass pass (in case your email problems are temporary, like a full mailbox) and sends a "Your Emails Have Been Disabled" email so you can easily turn your emails back on with just one click.  You can do this five times - after that, tech support needs to get involved.

For AOL users

AOL email (and related email domains like Netscape) has extremely strict rules regarding bulk email being sent to their addresses. 

It is VERY common for AOL to send a message demanding that SASSIE  immediately stop sending email to your address.  Unfortunately, this often happens without you even knowing or requesting it. Sometimes, AOL successfully delivers your SASSIE emails at the same time that they're telling SASSIE to stop sending you emails - it's crazy!

In order to be allowed to keep sending to AOL, SASSIE has agreed to immediately turn off your email after AOL sends ONE of these demands (this is also required by federal law), so unfortunately some AOL users will repeatedly get turned off.

SASSIE has the following recommendations for AOL users:

  1. Switch to Gmail: the best (albeit the most labor intensive) solution is to switch to a free Gmail account. Gmail has a much more consistent and realistic approach to spam filtering so we experience almost no problems with Gmail account.  You can opt to switch to Gmail entirely <or use Gmail to receive your SASSIE emails and forward them to your AOL email address. Instructions for both of these options are posted at
  2. Join the Protected List: you can register for FREE on the JobSlinger Protected List. Once you do so, SASSIE will try to keep sending email to your address regardless of how many bounces it gets.
What's the Protected List?

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