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I'm seeing SASS-Sync errors

If you see a SASS-Sync error saying "There was a problem with your sync", scroll down the page to look for details.  Usually you will find additional information and messages.  There are two types of problems that you may see in SASS-Sync, as follows:

Input required

This error message means that your sync couldn't be completed because you didn't enter a value for one of the settings that you wanted to sync -- either the Get Shop Offer Emails, Accept Paypal or Password.  Make sure you enter a value for each setting that you want to sync, and try again.

There are two settings at the bottom of the SASS-Sync page -- "Get Shop Offer Emails" and "Accept Paypal" -that require you to not only check the checkbox, but also choose one of the "Yes/No" settings. If you don't, you will get a "There were problems with your submission" error message. If you do want to sync these settings, remember that you need to select "Yes" or "No" -- otherwise, there's no setting to sync, and the sync will fail.

The setting on your JobSlinger profile is not an option on your SASSIE profile

This error message means that some of your settings couldn't be synced because one of your SASSIE systems doesn't accept the value that you're trying to sync.  You may also see a message like "Unrecognized value" or something similar. If a SASSIE company's profile (for example) accepts only High School, College and Graduate School for Educational Level, and you entered "Some college" in your JobSlinger Plus profile, you'll get an error message when syncing.

Even if you got this error message, your sync is still ok -- all it means is that THIS setting for THIS company wasn't synced (the company name is displayed in the error message). All other settings for this company, and all settings for other companies, would have been synced. If you have companies like this with a restricted set of profile options, you can edit that setting by going to your SASSIE profile through SASS-Master.

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