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SASSIE turned off my shop offer emails and told me to fix it on JobSlinger. What do I do?

Why were my SASSIE shop offer emails turned off?

How to get your SASSIE shop offer emails turned back on

If your SASSIE shop offer emails were turned off, you must turn them on again to start receiving emails again.  There's a quick way to do this if you are a JobSlinger Plus user -- otherwise, you will need to log into each SASSIE account and turn the shop offer emails back on.

If you are a JobSlinger Plus user, you can use SASS-Sync to turn your shop offer emails back on:

  1. Go to Tools -> SASS-Sync
  2. Check the checkbox and click the Yes button next to "Get shop offer emails" (near the bottom of the page)
  3. Click the "Sync checked settings" button at the bottom of the page

Note that this will only sync the setting to your CONNECTED SASSIE accounts. To see your connected SASSIE accounts, go to Tools -> SASS-Master.

What's SASS-Sync?

How do I connect SASSIE accounts?

How to keep it from happening again

To prevent your SASSIE shop offer emails from being turned off again, you can add your email address to the JobSlinger Protected List. By doing this, you are saying that you want to continue to receive email from SASSIE and JobSlinger unless YOU turn the option off yourself -- even if we get a cease-and-desist letter from your internet service provider. 

How do I add my email address to the Protected List?

Once it has been added to the Protected List, your email address will be protected and you don't have to worry about your shop offer emails being turned off by action of your internet service provider.

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