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What's the difference between JobSlinger and JobSlinger Plus?

JobSlinger is a FREE job board where different mystery companies post shops. With JobSlinger Plus, you're not paying to shop or to access shop listings -- you can always do that for free using JobSlinger. Instead, JobSlinger Plus gives you a set of "power tools" that help you find shops faster, search many job boards at the same time (thus saving you time -- a LOT of time), get notified about new shops via email and text messages, manage your SASSIE accounts from one screen, and a whole lot more features that you can read about in detail on

We offer a free trial for JobSlinger Plus, because we want shoppers to try the product and decide for themselves if it's worth it to them. We think it's a great product, and that it will quickly prove its worth to a shopper. We have already heard many shoppers say that they've had a month's worth of JobSlinger Plus service pay for itself in a day, or less -- simply because they can find more shops, better-paying shops, their preferred shops faster. So, clearly it's working well for some people -- but we want YOU to decide that for yourself. If you try JobSlinger Plus and find that it's not for you, there's no problem -- you can go back to using the free JobSlinger service, and you'll never be charged a cent.

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