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How is a paid JobSlinger Plus subscription NOT paying to shop?

You've probably been warned not to 'pay to shop', and so the JobSlinger Plus fee may concern you. We agree that it's totally bogus for anyone to charge shoppers to view shop listings -- and so that's NOT what we're doing! Our shops are all authorized and come from the MSPA job board, the Volition job board, and the job boards of SASSIE companies, and most of them are also posted to JobSlinger, our free site. Anyone can view all those job boards for free, and that will NEVER change. 

JobSlinger Plus gives you access to all those shops, plus a set of tools that make it easier for you to search and view all those job boards at once, and to use other services such as:

  • Email and text notifications
  • Having all your SASSIE shops organized in one place with MegaLog

We think that these are great tools, but we want shoppers to decide for themselves -- which is why we offer a 1-month free trial, so shoppers can try JobSlinger Plus and see if it's worth it for them. If you're a shopper who only works for one or two companies, and you don't care if you're notified about shops when they're first posted, JobSlinger Plus may not do that much for you. If, on the other hand, you're a power shopper with dozens of SASSIE accounts (and not enough time to log in and check all those job boards), or you want to get ALL the shops you're interested in as emails or text message, JobSlinger Plus can pay for itself in no time at all -- with more shops, better quality shops and higher paying shops. But don't take our word for it -- give it a try! There's absolutely no obligation, and you don't have to give us any credit card information unless you like JobSlinger Plusand decide to keep using it.

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