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Do I have to fill out all sections of the IC Pro form?

You don't need to fill out all sections of the IC Pro page to get a score.  The only required section is the W-9 section, which must be completed to get a score.  By filling out additional sections, you can raise your score.  The sections are:

  • W-9 information (required -- 40 points): legal name as it appears on tax documents, business name (only if your tax ID is registered to a business of this name,  rather than to you as an individual),  business structure (how you file your taxes), tax ID (SSN or EIN), tax ID type, and address.
  • Independent contractor declaration (10 points): declaration that you are an independent contractor rather than a mystery shopping employee.  
  • Invoicing authorization (10 points): permission for SASSIE companies to automatically generate invoices to help document your independent contractor status.  By producing an invoice for work that you have performed, the mystery shopping company can demonstrate that you were not a full-time employee.
  • Logo (10 points): a logo for your business.  If you don't have one, IC Pro can create one for you!
  • Verified tax ID (30 points): if you have verified your tax ID on at least one SASSIE system, you can establish it as verified on the IC Pro page to get another 30 points.

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