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How do I get my tax ID verified in SASSIE?

Not every SASSIE company performs SSN verification, so to get your SSN verified, you need to find a SASSIE company that does this. On companies that perform SSN verification, you can see your SSN verification status on your SASSIE profile -- look for the section titled SSN / Tax ID (EIN). Underneath this header, you will see your Legal Name, Legal ID and Verification Status. The Verification Status can be:

  • VERIFIED:  your tax ID has been submitted to the IRS for verification, and has been verified as correct.
  • PENDING: your tax ID has been submitted to to the IRS for verification, but the verification process is not complete.
  • INVALID:  the process of verifying your tax ID  failed because the IRS has rejected the combination of name and number as invalid. Please resolve the error in your SASSIE account by making sure both name and number are correct. 
If the status shows as VERIFIED, you can enter the same Legal Name and Legal ID (tax ID) on the IC Pro page to add 30 points to your IC Pro score.  

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