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Do I need a paid account to be an IC Pro?

IC Pro is a free feature available with both JobSlinger and JobSlinger Plus. You do not need a paid JobSlinger Plus account to use IC Pro -- although if you DO have a JobSlinger Plus account, you also get access to all kinds of cool features like:

  • Shops emailed and texted to you, so you don't even need to log on and search
  • SASS-Watch ability to search all your SASSIE job boards at once
  • MegaLog: one central place to view ALL your SASSIE shop logs (in calendar and list view)
  • SASS-Sync ability to update all your SASSIE profiles at once
  • Five saved Target searches (with JobSlinger,our free site, you only have one)

If you have had a JobSlinger Plus in the past, but you don't want to renew it, you can use JobSlinger instead -- just go to and log in using your email address (not username) and password (or the Facebook login). DON'T use your old bookmarks or favorites, though -- they will probably just point you right back to JobSlinger Plus!

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