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I forgot the answer to my secret question

Not every account has a secret question.  If you created your account through Facebook, you do not have a secret question, and you do not need a password to log on.  Just click the "Login with Facebook" button.

Even if you didn't create your account with Facebook, you can use the Facebook login if your Facebook account and your JobSlinger account use the same email address.  Just click the button to log in -- no password required!

If you don't have a Facebook account and can't remember the answer to your secret question, there isn't any way to reset your password.  All we can do is delete the account and let you start over.  If you want to do this, please send email to giving us permission to delete this account.  Please make sure that the email is from the email address that you want deleted.  Please don't click "No, I want to contact Support" below -- we need an actual email from the address you want deleted.

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