I'm having trouble clicking on the shapes

The shapes are part of our captcha.  Many websites use captchas to test whether a real human being is logging on, and prevent logins by bots (software programs designed to gather information).  

Attention Windows Surface device users: If you are using Internet Explorer, you cannot click the shapes on your Surface device's screen.  You can:

  • Use a different web browser such as Chrome OR
  • Use a mouse to click the shapes

Can I log on without clicking the shapes?

Here are some tips to help you with our captcha:

  • Read carefully to see what shape the captcha wants you to pick. If you don't complete it successfully the first time, it may ask for a different shape the next time. So, if you tried to click the triangles and the captcha didn't like what you clicked, it may not ask for triangles the next time. 
  • Every shape in the display is EITHER a circle, a triangle or a square - there are no other shapes. Don't be fooled if a square looks a little more like a rectangle, a circle seems like it's squashed into an ellipse, or a triangle has a point cut off. Everything you see is considered either a circle, a triangle or a square, so choose accordingly. 
  • Make sure you REALLY click them!  When a shape is clicked in the captcha, it has a solid green line around it. If you don't see that solid green line, the captcha won't think it's been clicked. 
  • Don't let the speckles and the tilting confuse you! Look carefully for ALL the shapes of the required type. 

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