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I'm not receiving SlingMe Texts

SlingMe only sends text messages when a new shop is posted that matches one of your Targets, if the Target is set up to send you text messages.  If you aren't receiving SlingMe texts, please check the following:
  • Have new shops been posted that match your Targets?  Remember, SlingMe only sends notifications for new shops that were posted after you set up SlingMe -- it will not notify you of shops that were posted previously.  Click on each Target to check to see if it has new shops that were posted since you set up SlingMe -- those are the only ones you should have received.
  • Is your Target set up to send SlingMe texts? To check this, go to Tools -> SlingMe and look under "Which Targets to Sling".  If there isn't a checkmark next to the Target in the "Text" column, you won't get texts for that Target.
  • Are you receiving SlingMe emails?  If you have a target set up to send emails as well as texts, are you receiving the emails but not the texts?  If so, the problem is with your text setup -- see below.
  • Have you entered your cellular phone number correctly?  To check this, go to Tools -> SlingMe and look under "SlingMe Messaging" on the left.  Make sure your phone number is correct and that all fields are filled out.
  • Did you choose the correct carrier? Make sure you chose the provider of your cellular service.  Please note that if your provider was acquired by one of the providers on our list, your service is most likely still through your old provider's network and cannot use the new provider's network for texts.
  • Did you opt for a large SlingMe interval? If you recently set up SlingMe and opted for a long interval, you won't receive texts until the end of the interval.
  • Are texts being prevented because of "do not send" blackout times?  Check the "Do not send text messages between" setting -- if you tell us not to send you text at certain times, we won't send them at those times.  

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