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My SSN/EIN is verified in SASSIE but IC Pro won't accept it

IC Pro uses the same verification database as SASSIE.  If your tax ID has been verified on SASSIE, there is a record confirming it in the same database that IC Pro uses.  If your tax ID is verified in SASSIE but will not verify in IC Pro, there is a discrepancy in how you have entered your tax ID information. Please check for the following problems and make any corrections necessary.
  • Missing required information in the W-9 section of the IC Pro page.  Your tax ID cannot be verified unless all required information has been entered.  PLEASE ENTER ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION AND CLICK SAVE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO VERIFY YOUR TAX ID.
  • A typo in the Legal Name on the IC Pro page.  Please note that ANY typo, including extra spaces between your first and last name, will cause the verification to fail.
  • A mismatch between the Legal Name on the IC Pro page and on your SASSIE profile (for example, your Legal Name is entered as "Robert Smith" on SASSIE and "Bob Smith" on IC Pro).  To correct this, change the Legal Name on IC Pro to exactly match the Legal Name on SASSIE.
  • Business Name on the IC Pro page when your tax ID is registered to you as an individual and not to a business.  If your tax ID is registered to a business, the Business Name should be filled out with the exact business name that the tax ID is registered to; otherwise, this field must be completely blank (do not enter "N/A" or anything else).
  • An incorrect tax ID number.

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