I'm seeing fewer search results than the total number

It sounds like you're looking at some grouped listings. When JobSlinger encounters a series of identical jobs in different locations, it "collapses" them into a single listing with a link indicating how many different locations there are for the job (so under the City column, instead of a city and state, you'd see something like "12 locations"). Thus, if what you see at the top of your screen is, "250 results found, 123 lines displayed", that means that some of the 123 jobs are identical jobs at different locations, and that they have been "grouped" into 123 jobs.

If you want to view the individual jobs, there are two ways to do this:

  • Click on the "12 locations" link.  The listing will be expanded to show each individual listing and location.
  • Do an Advanced Search, but uncheck the "Group similar listings together" checkbox at the bottom of the search screen.  If you do this, your search results will be shown as individual job

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