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How can I delete my account?

We do not normally delete JobSlinger accounts.  The single exception is for cases where you mistakenly created two different accounts for two email addresses that you are actively using for mystery shopping, and you need to consolidate them into one JobSlinger account.  If you no longer want to use your JobSlinger account, there is no need to have your account deleted - your data is protected according to the terms of our Privacy Statement.

I want to cancel my account because I no longer want to receive shop offer emails

How can I stop receiving shop offer emails?

My JobSlinger Plus subscription expired - how can I log on to turn off ReachOut emails?

I have a paid JobSlinger Plus subscription and I want to cancel it

If you have a paid JobSlinger Plus subscription, click the link below for cancellation instructions.  If you have a trial subscription, there is no need to cancel - you can simply allow your trial period to expire.  In either case, you can continue to use your account (minus the JobSlinger Plus features) through our free site, JobSlinger (see login instructions below).

How do I cancel my JobSlinger Plus subscription?

How do I log on to JobSlinger?

I need to delete my account because I need to add this email address to another account

To request that your account be deleted, please send email to giving us permission to delete it, and tell us the email address of the account that you plan to add it to.  We can only delete accounts in this case, so please don't ask us to delete your account unless you are adding your email address to another account.  Please send this email from the email address that is on your account -- this confirms that the account's owner really wants the account deleted.  

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